Care Services

We understand that choosing the right care home is extremely important to you and your family

Pre assessment

We arrange an assessment visit, where we ascertain your care needs, level of care required and your preferences and choices for your daily living; this can be conducted at The Lodge or at a place convenient to you. Once your needs have been assessed there is consultation with you or your representative to confirm our ability to meet your assessed care needs, which we will confirm in writing together with the cost of providing your assessed care.

Trial visits

You, your relatives and friends are invited to visit and assess the facilities and suitability of the home. This will enable you to meet members of staff and other persons in our care; it will allow you to become familiar with the home in order to allay any anxiety or fear. You are able to stay at The Lodge on a short stay basis either as a holiday or as a trial stay prior to making a decision to stay permanently.

Individual support plan

An essential part of our care system is your individual care plan that we develop with you; this plan will be produced based upon your initial assessment, it is person centred and sets out exactly how you wish to have your personal care, treatment and support supplied and delivered. This plan is agreed with you, reviewed regularly and changed as your care needs alter.

Care system

We have spent many years developing an internal care system which lays out for a 24 hour period all the agreed needs, choices and preferences of all the residents that live at The Lodge. The initial residents individual care plans and any changes to this are continually communicated with the staff team. Staff are allocated to a resident for their personal care, support and treatment to ensure that everyone’s needs are met at an appropriate time to you. We recognise the importance of maintaining the uniqueness and character of each and every person in our care. We aim to ensure that you are treated as an individual and your identity is upheld. We encourage and assist you to maintain your identity enabling you to live in a way that expresses who you are and what is important to you, ensuring that you are respected and your dignity is preserved at all times. We ensure that your privacy is always observed and upheld with particular regard to personal care, consultations with professionals, entering your private room and your personal mail.

“We are always keen to hear from people who are interested in working in the care sector. If you enjoy working with people and are determined to make a positive difference to people’s lives, then please get in touch using the form on the contact us page and we will contact you should a position arise”

If you’d like to find out more about The Lodge, please call 0116 241 9333 or email us, we’d love to hear from you.

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